Are You Developing E-COMMERCE Website With These Mistakes?
April 3rd, 2017
We cannot imagine our life without seeing the clock. Even one minute for us matters a lot, then how can we expect from people to spend their hour and hours to check your product. In these busy lives of people, e-commerce takes biggest role to resolve the time the place where we can browse buy anything we want. Within a fraction of seconds we get exact what we are looking for. This is the main reason why people are more attracting towards E-commerce website. If you are also thinking to take your business on next move by building the best e-commerce website then check the following mistakes to avoid.
1. Using Few Images of Product:
The whole e-commerce website is run on images. User buys your product only after seeing the product. If you are using very few images to describe your product then he did not get exact idea about the product. Every angle of product is to be considering while presenting your product. User is expected the exact product which shows as in while set up for image use maximum 4-5 image of Product.
2 Poor Description about Product:
A Person wants full and exact description of your product . So while posting your description , always keeps in mind that is should be full and proper . If you describe your product of very short term , it cannot crate impact on user mind . Whole information about product is to be considering while writing product description . It will help your user get the exact idea about your product.
3. Using Small Images:
One cannot buy the product without seeing images, if you are using small size image which not reflecting the exact idea about the product, then you might have a chance to miss your order. Person prefers to only those products which is clear and sharp. So always use the customize size of image which gives the clear view to your customers.
4. Long Checkout Process.
To keep your customers mind on one product seriously takes big effort. Once the person agrees to buy your product, you win the half battle, but the real victory comes when you got the payment of your product. From choosing to checkout ,you have to keep your customer engaging by quick stpes.if you insert the long procedure for check out, everyone get irritated and your product remains in CART only. So the best way to make your order done easily is Use minimum steps for checkout process. This will help to keep the product excitement in your customer mind.
5. Confusing Navigation:
If you cannot arrange proper category about your product or your navigation creates lots of misplacement then person unable to buy the product. This would lead to create confusion among the person mind. Make sure that every category have at least a few products of it, or else group smaller categories together (or include them in larger, similar categories).
These are the common mistake we done while developing an e-commerce website,there are certain more to learn more.keep follow us. Get the idea by reading these mistakes and build your E-commerce website Error free.